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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  March 9, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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yes, you do, so just let go. [ groan ] okay, what did we learn there? is there such a thing as personal space, no, there isn't, because we are all molecules... in the same organism. american airlines. yeah, i need an earlier flight out of chicago. i feel like some of you don't respect me. because, ah... because of the hat. [ horns blowing, clanking ] just get me on the next flight out. hey, me too. ♪ - hi. - just made it. we know why you fly. we're american airlines. i'm jim cramer. welcome to my world. you need to get in the game. they're nuts! they know nothing. i always like to say there is a bull market somewhere.
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"mad money" -- you can't afford to miss it. >> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want the to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job isn't just to entertain but to educate. call me at 800-743-cnbc. people keep waiting for the stock market to break out to the upside. to charge through the dow's january peak of 10,725. and then have smooth sailing to higher climes. ♪ hallelujah >> this potential is more in minds today than ever. at one point the dow rallied 60 points closing up 12 and the s&p down a tiny gain. i say, yes. sure. we can get through that critical 10,725 level everyone's banking on. i know that would change a lot of people's minds. it could reignite the market, but in order to do that, we have
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to point some fingers at the stocks that have weighed us down. weighed us down like the anchor on the uss minnow or just the s.s. minnow. we have to reveal which stocks frankly are just not rowing hard enough and single out the ones that aren't pulling their own weight. so tonight we are going to expose these ne'er do wells a go to the rowboat to see who the weak oars are and mow their prospects because the losers hold the key to taking out january's highs and getting the bull rolling again. now, we could focus on year over year laggarts, but the ones who are down have a remarkable ov overlap wlt year over year
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laggers. let's fill the holes in the boats and reveal the ten companies that aren't giving her all she's got, to quote venerable investment guru, scotty, the ten lethargic names that will have to pull us over the dow 10,725 finish line. the first loser down 2% for the year -- is american -- american express. to me, it would be no stretch for this $40 stock to rally a quick 12%. it's just enough -- it's a terrific quarter. it moved past the credit card legislation which mostly went into effect last month. retail's strong. corporate travel's coming back. that puts american express in a sweet spot. next stop, $45. i'm calling it the cigarette boat in the dow.
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okay. now, after that is exxon, off 2.1% since the year began. this petro giant is totally problematic. no great yield. nothing new until the xpo, that natural gas deal closes and it hasn't budged as oil has run to $80 a barrel. i don't see it helps us out at all. i think exxon will be lucky to creep to $70. that's only up three from here. no more than that. kind of a boat rowed gently up the stream. then there's chevron. off 3.5% for the year. my charitable trust has become a seller of chevron, but merely scaling out as the company said many good things today at the analyst meeting. i am not fretting. in fact, i think this $74 and change stock can row its way to $80 perhaps with a leisurely
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portage now and then. ibm, well, let's see. ibm has shed 4.1% for the year. i think it will report a fantastic quarter to rally from here. it has to. sadly you're not going to get it for a month. this one trades in the quarter. i'm calling it unchanged. this one needs -- 20 lashes to pick up the pace, preferably with a cat o' nine tails. coca-cola should be moved more but it's held up by the butler acquisition. pepsi did nothing while waiting for its own bottler deal to close. don't rely on this one which dragged down the dow with a 4.9% decline since the year began. coke can't be counted on for
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performance. call it unchanged. hopelessly dry-docked. pfizer. someone want to tell me what it's doing bidding for a german generic drug maker ratio pharm? this is nuts. pfizer is saying its wyeth acquisition could take the stock out of the rut it's been in forever. forget it. it's pfizer town. i think the stock could lose another dollar. no thanks to pfizerer for the dow at 10,725. pfizer the lucitania of the dow. this one seems interesting to me. microsoft. a lot of cash. new product cycle with windows 7. i don't believe the stock which has given back 5.5% for the year can be kept down much longer. this one has $32 written all over it, after it gets pinned at $30. call it up three.
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feels like trafalgar here, at least if you're british. two difficult ones. the endless sparring partners of -- rough waters -- of att and verizon. down about 10% each. i call them the moderner of the the merry mac. lots of pressure off the land lines. att and 25.536789 could head to $28. verizon at $po could go to $33. what if people took the bounty if you turned on a cablevision subscriber to vios? i believe these orders can get in synch and save the day like
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ben hur from when he was in the galley ship. finally there's alcoa. i like the cash flow. i like the aluminum story but i have given up on the stock down 15.2% for the year. this rally will have to be televised without alcoa unless they rescind indicate "voyage to the bottom of the sea." now, of course, there are plenty of red hot stocks in the dow. i think sisco's breaking out and i don't care about the product announcement. mcdonald's is finally breaking out of the mid 60s. it could go to 70 without a b prochlt bank of america seems unstuck from the $16 flypaper, but without the stocks down the most rowing in unison, i think we will be repelled like you saw today mid afternoon. before we get to the top. as i see it the true dogs of the
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dow this year would only take us to dow 7,029, four points above the january peak. just enough to take us to the land of milk and honey. because many people avoiding or leaving the market to get back in the game they focus and own these stocks. there's the bottom line. you know we can breach january's high and you know how. when the laggarts pull their own weight. we are calling out the crummy performers and shaming them to rowing harder. we're talking american express. we're talking about exxon, chevron, ibm, coca-cola, pfizer, microsoft, att, verizon and alcoa. grab your oars and get ready to ram through dow 10,725. i'd like to start with scott in california. scott? >> caller: jim, how are you? >> a little seasick, but fine.
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y you. >> caller: i'm doing well. listen, we have grown a lot of plants since we planted green shoots last year. >> absolutely, man. a lot of weeds. sawgrass. what's up? >> caller: the ag stocks have been up based on the takeover offer. >> right. >> caller: it looks like some of the p.e.s are getting rich on some of the fertilizer guys. i was wondering where you thought they stood, you know, potash and so forth going forward? >> well, remember, because they are selling on trough earnings meaning the earnings have been so bad and out of whack with traditional measures a lot of people think there will be a cyclical rebound and that will look cheap. that doesn't fret me. i still like p.o.t. christopher in minnesota, please. >> caller: hey, jim. sending you a big land of 10,000 lakes b-b-b-boo ya! >> i have a row boat to handle those lakes without a problem.
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what's up? >> caller: i have been reading a lot of negative press on google. is it time to back up the truck? >> no. we don't back up the truck anymore. the market doesn't allow us to. however if you saw google to come back in china it would be terrific. in the interim it's a subsidy for buy new going to 600. we'll warm up to google when the chinese do. doug in california. >> caller: boo ya from cal state fullerton. >> love it. boo-ya back at you. >> caller: i have a diversification problem. >> you came to the right place. >> caller: i have amway capital and bank of america. i have over 10,000 in each one and wonder which one to let go. >> i want to let go of amway. i own bank of america for my charitable trust and there is more upside. look at the range and you will know you are doing it for the dividend. i will let them declare the next
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dividend. take it and move on to bank of america. all right. when you're on a boat, even the s.s. minnow, you have to pull your weight. i'm calling out the dow laggards and telling them to row higher. alcoa, verizon, att, microsoft, pfizer, coca-cola, chevron, exxon, ibm and american express. gentleman, start your -- rowing? "mad money" back after the break. >> announcer: coming up, retail rising -- are consumers opening wallets again? cramer's going one on one with the ceo of tanger outlets to find out on the executive decision. later, financial forecast -- is the banking sector ready to run? cramer checks the technicals on an all new off the charts. plus, send cramer an e-mail to and a he may answer you on the air on a new i decision of mad mail.
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if commercial real estate is supposed to be the next catastrophe, if it's this market's achilles heel as the bears like to tell us and the press has lapped it up, then how come so many commercial real estate investment trusts are at or within striking distance of 52-week highs with incredibly low vacancy rates and rising rates. boston properties, tanger factory outlets, the one i want to talk about today. the action in the stocks screams triumph, not tragedy. take tanger, skt, 31 centers, 21 states, all over the country.
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located in suburban areas usually between 45 minutes and an hour from a major metro area. this one reported better than expected quarter on february 23 with funds from operations -- that's the key metric because it's a real estate investment trust -- at 73 cent as share, six more than the street looked for. that's amazing for real estate investment trust on better than expected revenues. tanger's occupancy rate for the wholly owned properties was 96% at the end of the year. does it sound like catastrophe to you? for 2010 they expect the occupancy to be up 2%. plus it's reported tenant comparable sales increased 4.1% in the latest quarter. again, i ask you, is this the demise of commercial real estate? does it sound like an opportunity to you? it does to me. this real estate investment trust has a history of out performance with an annual average return of 17.53% to investors over the ten years from the beginning of 2000
6:18 pm
through the end of 2009. that is better than the morgan stanley trust index and much better than the s&p 500 but tanger has something new going for it. outlets are are becoming more popular as destinations and also as places for large chains to open new outlets. for instance we heard from macy's that it's rolling out bloomingdale's outlets and nordstrom's and sachs ha v had outlets added to their stores. people are no longer willing to pay up for full price merchandise when they can find similar products at outlets for less money. a pure play outlet owner like tanger is poised to defendant enormously. the company's balance sheet is beautiful. the whole time it's been beautiful. 3.5 million shares at $30.55 a share in august. making money on that. the deal is giving you a 23% gain so far. the one issue is maybe it's expensive. it's 15.8 times funds from operation while the arch real
6:19 pm
estate trust is a 14.4 multiple. it's at the 42-week high. i'm inclined to like the stock because it has better performance characteristics. let's hear from the ceo of tanger factory outlet steve tanger to hear more about the commercial real estate business in the country. sir, welcome to "mad money." >> thanks for having me. >> have a seat. >> thank you. i brought you a coupon book to the nearest shopping center in deerpark, long island. >> wow. not a problem. i'm going out to the island. going to the beach this summer. you have sachs there, all -- see, that's amazing. you have to speak to this. when i opened this, would they have boss there ten years ago? how has the list of stores changed in the last decade? >> we have gone up scale, added
6:20 pm
knee m neiman marcus, kate spade, juicy coutures. they're all there. >> why would people shop at the big store than the outlet? >> they are two different distribution chains. we specialize in designer names direct to the consumer. the department stores have brand names established in the department stores and consumers can shop in department stores which are convenient but the outlets they save 30% to 70% every day, jim. that's a good deal. >> you mentioned exit 52 and you have a lot of stores where i would go or do go when i'm -- in the summer instead of going to the beach. it's a cloudy day. i go to our outlet. you were not destination place as decade ago. how did it change in the mindset of american people? >> we have been in american resorts for years. >> that's something you thought of. >> right.
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>> why? because of the rainy day proposition? >> no. the stability. americans take vacations. they go to myrtle beach, south carolina. these aren't dependent upon foreign currency exchanges or air fare or anything like that. these are good solid american resorts and if it rains what do you do? you go shopping. >> absolutely. that's what you do. >> i bump into a lot of people. i read the papers. over and over again it's just a cliche that the editors put in which is that the coming debacle that is commercial real estate. in previous downturns, we have seen the shoppinging mall. we have seen the outlet store -- well, not necessarily the outlets but strip malls. we have seen them be problematic to own. it's not like that this time, is it? >> it isn't, jim. what i like to say is -- in good
6:22 pm
times people like a bargain. in tough times like these they need a bargain. so the outlets have proven to be resilient. we have been in business 29 years. we have never ended the year less than 95% occupancy. >> unbelievable. i find it unbelievable. it is so not in synch with what i read. that's why i'm glad you're telling us this. now, when we met with a lot of retailers, they are adopting this channel like they have never adopted before. they have become integrated and recognize that rather than sell off the merchandise to perhaps a tjx, they keep it in house. so i presume since many of them are just at the infancy of developing this channel that you have multiple years to grow because of it. >> we're a growth company. we are developing and building a new shopping center in north carolina which will be delivered this year. it may be one of the only ground-up new retail shopping centers delivered and probably the only outlet center.
6:23 pm
we are also building a new center to be delivered in hilton head next year. we are growing. our balance sheet is a fortress. we have unlimited access to capital. it gives us the opportunity to attack when everybody else is crawling into a shell. >> but there is the people from simon just moved into your area. 2.3 billion dollar acquisition of prime retail. does that mean the sector is getting carved up? >> i don't think so. the sector is being consolidated. the folks at simon are highly sophisticated, superb operators and we have competed against them for years. they also own chelsea properties. >> right. i often here that the fdic has properties that it's stuck with. >> right. >> do you go to some of these community banks where they have really -- maybe they put all their eggs in one basket and now you can buy boou something that's 30, 40 cents on the dollar? >> i listen to your show all the time.
6:24 pm
why should i buy junk when i can own the great stuff? why buy the crap? >> that's a good point. your record in dividend increases is consistent. i know you have to defer to the board but it seems realistic to believe that once again tanger will deliver a higher dividend. is that accurate? >> well, of course it's -- as you said -- dependent on the board but since we have been public since 1993 we have raised the dividend every year -- even last year when everybody else was cutting. we raised the dividend. >> that's why i think the stock is going higher. steve tanger, president and ceo of tanger factory outlets center. i'll see you at one of mine real soon. thanks for coming on the show. >> announcer: coming up -- financial forecast -- is the banking center ready to run? cramer checks the technicals on an all new off the charts. later in the lightning round, markets top mind goes high octane to put your stocks to the test.
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♪ jamaica ♪ ooh i want to take you >> when the bull market was born a year ago, it started with a rally in the financials. ♪ hallelujah >> the banks were the vanguard of the stock proletariat, the generals of the market. then about seven months ago the sector ran out of gas. ever since it's been e cripsed by other groups with more momentum. if you look at the last four months the financials are the best performers in the market up 144%. but over the last six months, they're up just 6%. but now the great banking rally could be about to begin once again. that's what the charts are saying, according to l.a. little, a terrific technician and my colleague at the where i'm chairman.
6:29 pm
that's right, the financials once again could become one of the strongest sectors in the market, one of the best places to invest. because in the words of the great alternative asset manager willy sutton, that's where the money is. so tonight, we're going off the charts to take a look at the case for this impending financial rally and to tell you what to do about it. specifically, we're going to use an etf, a sector proxy. and we're going to examine the financial select sector s pdr, spider. this is known by everyone on wall street who trades as the xlf. an etf that mirrors the s&p financial index. that's where little has found the clues that lead him to believe a major bank bull is on the way and ready to run in true pamplona fashion. let's look at the xls daily chart. okay. this story begins with an
6:30 pm
island. not some tropical paradise like aruba or anguilla or the grand cayman. all great places to stay. i like the ritz carlton at the cayman. use my name. a piece of technical jargon called an island reversal. see it? that's an island reversal which happened back in october. when a stock or chart gaps up, see, it gapped up. see the space there? okay. gaps up, opening above the recent trading range and gaps down shortly thereafter, you get a little island that's disconnected from the rest of the action. that's what happened. an island reversal. that happened in xlf in october. according to little, this pattern is very important. it's been very bearish because it has widespread following among many managers to who will the charts openly and the ones
6:31 pm
who are also closet charters. when i was at my hedge fund and saw an island reversal, i kid you not. i always sold whatever had an island reversal. even if i liked it. i usually shorted it. that was the ticket. that's how dangerous this chart is. island reversal equals sell. all right? this is a very serious chart term. no matter what the level where the reversal happened became serious resistance. okay? in other words, see it? serious resistance. couldn't get through it. where sellers overwhelm buyers and the etf can't go higher, that's what we have seen with the xlf, but this is important. listen up. when the island reversal is overcome, when this little technical iwojima is taken and the xlf closes above the level where the reversal occurred it's a 15.50 then little says it's
6:32 pm
just as big a deal to the technicians as when it happened but now it's a bullish pattern. we are close to this level. will you look at this. this is going to be the level that is going to take the market -- remember, the focus is can we go up to 10,725. we get through this, i have to tell you something, little things that break out in the financials is a matter of time. little believes the break out will be enormous and i'm with him. why? all right. why don't we go to a weekly chart. here you can see that over the last seven months the xlf has been building a nice floor. okay. you can see that. building a floor at 1350 and pounding at the ceiling. okay? around 1530. that's a long time. now, why does that matter? according to little, the longer and stronger the floor, the bigger the push when the xlf hammers higher and faults to the next story up. it's banging at the ceiling
6:33 pm
right now. there are a lot of investors who got in while the xlf was trading in this range. the weak ones had seven months to get out. the investors who own it now are patient long-term holders who aren't looking to sell. they are in it for the long haul. how high could the financials go? on the monthly chart, little is waiting for the xlf to break through its long-term resistance of 16.01. okay? that's when he'll pull the trigger. he thinks the index could soar back to 20.21. that would be some move. that's where it peaked before the collapse of lehman brothers in september 2008. you're talking a wholesale revision of what happened. little thinks the breakout is likely. you know my thoughts on technical analysis. if you like this xlf at 16 how can you not like it even more at 15.30 where it is now? i can't wait for the breakout.
6:34 pm
more important, what should you do if little is right? we are on the verge of a huge rally which could erase the post lehman losses? how's that for getting back to even? should you buy the xlf? no. you can do better. remember, on "mad money," we believe in active investing, picking our own stocks. not owning index funds or sector funds. why own the xlf when you can own the best stock without the other names which might not be as good oh. the largest holdings are bank of america, wells fargo, goldman sachs, citigroup, j.p. morgan, american express, morgan stanley and nick, the best is the biggest, j.p. morgan which i own for my charitable trust where i play juan open hand, not a lady gaga-style pokerface. j.p. morgan is well capitalized, the best in the group. it's been taking share and it has jamie diamond at the helm,
6:35 pm
the best baker of our era bar none. if there will be a renewed rally, that's the one to own. here's the bottom line. the charts as interpreted by l.a. little say we are in for a mega rally in the financials after resting for a long time represented by the xlf. so buy the xlf's largest component, the one that's the best of breed. buy j.p. morgan. let's go to richie in new york. richie? >> caller: jim, thank you. >> no problem. >> caller: any thoughts on the new acquisition requirements with the met life and aig? >> i thought this was a brilliant acquisition for met life which is a survivor and has done a lot of smart things and is very well run. i would still be a buyer of met life, even as it is today. i would pull the trigger tomorrow. that's how important the acquisition was. it is great for them. to matt in california. >> caller: hey, jim, boo-ya. >> good to have you on the show, sport. what's up? call cale wa--
6:36 pm
>> caller: i want your opinion on bank of ireland. >> too risky. i have so many high quality banks -- look. you want a speculative bank, buy huntington bank. it's been my speculative stock of the year. it's starting to percolate. it was a monster the last few days. today, for the first time it finished over five. it's got more to go. how many calls did we get at the 3.30, 3.60 level. people who were scared. doubters? mike in new york. >> caller: a big boo-ya from new york city. >> boo-ya back at you. an island boo-ya. go ahead. >> caller: jim, i'm a big fan. thanks for helping me, the average investor, navigate the market. my question is i own shares of goldman sachs. it's done well but the share price is still down which is unfortunately when i bought it at the highs.
6:37 pm
with the negative price and talk in congress about a consumer protection agency is it time to sell? if so, what are the financial stocks you would recommend? >> no. i own goldman sachs for my charitable trust. i think it's a great one. j.p. morgan is good. i own that and bank of america. i'm not worried. these banks play by the rules. only congress seems to think they don't. i know a lot of people hate these banks. i think they had guys at the top, some of them, like dick foley at lehman. the buy who ran bank of america, i wasn't a fan, but the rank and file banks aren't ripping you off. there's a lot of fees but that's what you get if you want to put it in a big bank. it is island time. we went off the charts with the financial spdr xlf and it could be the beginning of a major banking rally. stay with cramer.
6:38 pm
>> announcer: coming up, jim goes fast and furious as he faces a nonstop barrage of calls giving stock after stock their final verdict on the lightning round. "mad money" is turning five. to join us in rockefeller plaza in the heart of new york city and be a member of the live studio audience go to
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it's time! it's time for the lightning round. when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- the lightning round is over. tom in massachusetts.
6:42 pm
>> caller: massachusetts stock brown country boo-ya to you. >> i was going to give you a red sox boo-ya but it's still spring training. what's up? >> caller: you had the ceo of range resources on three or four weeks ago. >> yes, we did. >> caller: since then, the whole natural gas industry has gone down the tubes here. hold or sell? >> oh, no, no. i'm talking about buying. here's why i want you to pull the trigger. we saw an acquisition of petro china and royal dutch by aero which is coal natural gas. i think range is natural. i don't know if you saw it but we had an interview this afternoon with the treasury -- energy secretary and he endorsed natural gas. that's the first time i have heard it from the administration. i'm reiterating the buy on all natural gas companies. range resources covered the sale. they may be the best in show right here. all right. now to robert in nevada.
6:43 pm
robert? >> caller: hey, jim. i've got a sin city boo-ya for you. >> well, i'm liking that. boo-ya. i'll give you a one-armed bandit -- ooh, one-eyed bandit boo-ya. >> caller: looking at adsk. >> do i the charts every weekend. it's one of the best i have seen. i think there is a lot of opportunity for the software. dennis in massachusetts. >> caller: yes, jim. thank you for taking the call. >> my pleasure. >> caller: this is dennis with a triple boo-ya to you. >> i see that and raise it to a quadruple. what do you got? >> caller: j. crew? what's happening? it went flat. >> look, we all know -- i said this on monday. j. crew will put together a great quarter. there will always be people to say, that's why it ran and it sells off. that's why i said buy some before and then after. the market is heavy for retail.
6:44 pm
they have moved so much, but nicky did a great job. the margins are the best i have seen them. i want to buy, buy, buy crew in weakness. mark in maryland. >> caller: hey, jim. boo-ya from outside the nation's capital. >> glad to have you on the show. what's up there? >> caller: got a transportation called expediters international. should i hold or what? >> too dangerous for me. i don't want that one. i'd rather see you in united parcel. why u.p.s.? much lower multiple. just beginning to get great. fed ex has run. this is the one to own, ups. how about giavanni in new jersey. >> caller: gjim, thanks for the insightful interviews with ceos. i want one with qualcomm. >> me, too. i would like to ask them why they were so bullish and soon after they announced a
6:45 pm
disappointing quarter which hurt me, hurt the charity i run and a lot of people. they are in the dog house. i bought stock in 38. why? i wanted to get a better basis. qualcomm is in the doghouse with me. the only way out of the bow wow chateau is to deliver two great quarters. i don't know if they have it in them. to barry in south carolina. >> caller: hey, jim. boo-ya from south carolina. >> oh, man. what's up? >> caller: finally getting warmer down here. >> i hear you. actually, it's warm where we are. what's up? >> caller: i bought wendy's in the mid fours. i think the earnings weren't that bad. i don't want to give up. >> the problem isn't wendy's. it's arby's. wendy's is having the breakfast. arby's is bad. i remain buying on wendy's. we stuck with them and made money. my favorite in the group,
6:46 pm
chipotle. would have been panera, but their ceo retired. chipotle is number one, always invited to the show. dane in wisconsin. >> caller: hey, a brew city boo-ya to you. >> well, thank you. what's up? >> caller: you mentioned the dole ipo offering in october. what do you think of that? >> i got that one wrong. if you remember, i initially got it wrong. i liked it and then i screwed up. we had to take apart the underwriters. but i have since decided that del monte is good. i talked about it last week. they have the excellent pet food franchise and i will reiterate that i like del monte. to art in arizona. >> caller: hey, jim. >> what's up? >> caller: a cold and snowy arizona boo-ya. >> it's supposed to be warm there and bad here.
6:47 pm
what's on your mind? >> caller: can i get your feeling on america super conductor? >> this is a great speculative alternative energy play. i can't believe how much it sold off. this is a great opportunity to buy it down here. [ buzzer ] >> i'm not paying attention to that although i could use a sharp stick in the eye frankly. let's go to murat in florida. >> caller: hey, jim. alice in wonderland boo-ya to you. >> sounds good to me. sunshine boo-ya. >> caller: i'm a nymex shareholder and want to know why it is not in the 3-d game plan list? >> i thought it was too entertainment oriented. i like cimemart for the 3-d revolution. i think you have a winner there. would i buy it? i'd wait until it cools off. one more call. donald in minnesota. >> caller: a big boo-ya, jim, from minnesota. >> good to have you on the show.
6:48 pm
what's on your mind? >> caller: i'm interested in silver wheaton. >> i'm not a silver guy. i'm a gold guy. i like the gld. gold coins and now i have gone full circle now that sean boy was on, the ceo of agnico eagle. i'm back to that one. gold bullion, gold coins, the spdr, etf, agnico eagle and the gold trade. we are done with the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. coming up -- e-mail us at and jim could answer you on the air on the all new mad machlt -- mail. do you boo-ya? >> caller: hey, boo-ya, beautiful baby! >> caller: boo-ya!
6:49 pm
>> boo-ya! >> announcer: to talk to cramer on the lightning round call 800-743-cnbc.
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how about some mad mail? hi, mr. cramer. my husband and i respect your advice. you are one of the few people who are standing on the side of regular folks. i would like to extend my gratitude on behalf of millions of people who struggle every day to understand the stock market as they invest for their retirement. my question is we would like to include a utility company in the portfolio. is this a good move? if so, what would be the best long-term utility stock to buy? i will give you two. the first is dominion, letter d. the insiders have a buy program. they have a good mix of green kinds of energies. some not so green. the other is ecxelon because they have the most nuclear party. let's go to patty. boo-ya, jim. boo-ya patty. you are my 2010 new year's resolution. this is by far the most fun i have had with any resolution. thank you. you advised that the time to start buying citigroup is when
6:53 pm
the u.s. government starts selling it. how will i know when it happens? they are doing a preferred deal today, but the government will announce it causing a lot of people to knock down the stock. that's what traders do. it will then be priced at a very attractive price like the big payback on t.a.r.p. i want you in it. you know i think vick ram pan is doing a great job and the stock is going higher. from kai, deer cramer, when i was young you helped my mom and now i hope outlook help me. i'm doing my thesis on sustainable investment theory. what is your opinion on the portion of the portfolio that should be invested in sustainable companies and are there any recommendations of companies that meet your sustainability qualifications? sustainable so far as the business goes, i have tons of them. i think the sustainability of procter & gamble which i own for the charitable trust is great.
6:54 pm
3-m, intel. if your talking about sustainability when it comes to green, we don't invest like that. we try to find the single best stocks and take the proceeds and dividends and devote them to a cause. but when we try to figure out whether it's sustainable environmentally we'll miss opportunities to make you money. that's why you tune in and we won't dion phaneuf yat from the core mission, particularly not on our fifth anniversary. jim, what's the deal with ross stores going up and the tjx going down. i can't find relevant news. can you explain it to cramerica? we flagged them as a huge dividend increaser. we think that could be it. also, tjx has had a monster move. a lot of people think the move is over. i disagree. i like both tjx and ross stores. i think if you start selling them here you will make a big mistake. "mad money" is back after the break.
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6:57 pm
as we predicted j. crew had a monster quarter. congratulations to them. fantastic gross margins, better than expected earnings. remember, people still get carried away. you do not have to chase this stock. our fifth year anniversary is a week away. we can't wait to celebrate with our loyal fans in rockefeller plaza, new york city. go to the website for tickets. i'm jim cramer. see you tomorrow. >> a battle royale between bull market profits and bear market
6:58 pm
tax hikes. a congressional pay cut -- when will workers come next? does bank regulation fail too big to fail? does sis sis sis -- cisco change internet?
6:59 pm
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